Hummingbird Heart.

You’ve made a stranger out of me in my own city,
made these hills into pieces of jagged earth left behind
in the aftermath of something terrible that once happened,
jagged like my teeth,
broken on all the screams I have been holding back 
since you silenced me.
cruel boy, 
you made a hummingbird out of a clay heart 
just to set it on fire.
now everyday, I wake up dripping with quicksand sadness.
every night, I dream myself into a little boat,
capsize in the middle of the ocean without a sound,
capsize into my shame,
capsize into the song of the banshee inside my head.
cruel boy,
do you remember when you promised to stay forever,
or was that another flimsy pretty thing I dreamed up?
I see in holograms, unsure of what is real these days,
and I agree, the world is ending,
but why can’t anyone else notice the knife you left in my neck?
I’ve been bleeding for days and days.
darling boy,
I know the world is ending and you won’t turn back,
but I hope you’re okay,
wherever your cruel heart takes you.

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Hope everyone’s safe. 🙂

The Ocean.

It is said that when you stand in front of the ocean, the first person that comes to your mind is your true love, but what if all you can think about, all that you can register is the sheer size of the ocean, blue, deadly, and yet so beautiful in its tumult; what if all you can think about is how lovely it would be to have the ocean fill up every nook and crevice inside you, fill up your lungs to the brim, embalm your heart and every blood vessel with its salty kisses; what if all you can do is try to not jump headfirst into the roaring blues because to you, it would be an honor to drown your sorrow-laden, tired bones in such majesty.

What if when you stand in front of the ocean, all you can think about is death?

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