Of Nostalgia And The Night Sky.

Even if everything else falls apart, the moon will still be exceptionally beautiful on dark nights. The stars will still glimmer, teasing you, reminding you of the naive dreams you once had to capture the night sky into a glass jar to keep by your bed side- dreams that you have long since labelled ‘impossible’ and discarded. The night will bring with it nostalgia and memories you cannot escape from, memories of the boy who smelt like lemons and winter, frosty to the touch, or the girl with autumn leaves in her hair whose dark eyes showed you light the sun never could. Try all you might, squeezing your eyes close so tightly you see galaxies on the inside of your lids, but you will not be able to rid your mind of images of the people who gave you their all, putting their hearts in the palms of your hands, only to have you throw them all away ruthlessly. It’ll come back to haunt you now, how you broke them into a million pieces, but you’ll still feel no regret, you’ll feel no pain.
So climb onto the roof with your pack of cigarettes and a lighter, and try to smoke away the emptiness in vain, because the worst is yet to come.


14 thoughts on “Of Nostalgia And The Night Sky.”

  1. This is so wonderfully well written, the feelings so well expressed that for a moment I wondered if you found your way into my head (and thankfully for you, got out again) while I wasn’t using it and stayed sane enough to warn others to keep a safe distance. 😉 An excellently crafted piece, Ms. (IMHO)

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  2. Hi there! I was just wondering how you were able to change your WordPress reader logo from a globe to an actual picture? I’m new to WordPress and I still haven’t got the hang of it quite, and I can’t seem to find a tutorial on it anywhere. You don’t have to publish this comment – just contact me on my site if you want to! Thank you! 😀

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    1. Hi! I’m really sorry for getting back so late, I was on a break from this blog. But to answer your question, I’m afraid it’s been more than a year since I put that image there and I can’t remember where I did it from even to change it! I was just messing around with the blog settings when that happened, so sorry I can’t help!


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