Golden Destruction.

Midas turned all he touched to gold, but he ruined it, all the while thinking he was turning it into something better.

Isn’t that what we all do?

Pick everything apart, and try to put it together again in a form better to us than the last, but we forget that the pieces do not fit together perfectly, and we leave disappointed, the person, a puzzle, unable to comprehend what has happened.

Until one day, they meet someone who is able to put back the pieces where they belonged, and the person is finally complete again after being taken apart and put together again countless times; this is the song of life that we are all forced to dance to, regardless of whether we like it or not.

Image taken from: Tsuneaki Hiramatsu



15 thoughts on “Golden Destruction.”

  1. I wrote a story about Midas, too, and it was definitely this aspect of ruining things by touching them, that I wanted to highlight. I hope you will eventually get some sleep. In the meantime, I will enjoy you writing. Love that sidebar GIF, too. Stunning.

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