Off To Sleep.

There comes a moment right before I fall asleep, when I believe that if I just stop breathing then, I could loose myself in the oblivion forever and quietly sail away from the chaos of it all; I see myself on the shore, I see the tiny boat quietly rocking in the waves, waiting to take me away and I can almost feel the cool respite the waves offer, beckoning me towards them, and I walk forward, but just as I am about to step into them, I catch sight of your face and falter, and that moment of vulnerability is all it takes for you to whisk me away from the beach and the boat and my escape, off to the safety of sleep.

And I wake up each morning cursing you, but a part of me is relieved; the pessimist in me is given enough hope to go through another day and I am almost eaten with fear that one day, you will not be there to stop me and I will finally sail away.


10 thoughts on “Off To Sleep.”

      1. I m listing down these point, I want your personalised views on these:
        School life
        Obstacles in school
        Ideal parent child relation
        Job problems
        How would u like to lead ur life
        Fear of fortunes
        With ur name and a picture for the novel,
        Give me a pseudonym if u don’t want to use your real name.

        THANKYOU so much. 🙂

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