Lately, I’ve noticed happiness creeping in,
I’m always too busy laughing to confront it,
To ask
Where it had been for the past few years,
Where it was when I needed it the most,
But suddenly, it is there
And its presence hits me in the face
In the middle of a laugh,
So hard that it takes me a minute or two,
To breath normallyย again.
It fills me up from the inside,
And I realize
I am content,
I am happy,
And when I say I’m fine,
For once,

I really mean it.


31 thoughts on “Happiness?”

  1. I appreciate the way you describe happiness as stealthily, quietly, creeping in and being too busy laughing to notice at first. I know this feeling.

    If I am honest with myself there are still circumstances where happiness feels a bit threatening. I build up a tolerance for the pain. The vulnerability of being happy makes me almost wish it would go away. Something inside keeps reminding me that it is worth letting in and there are growing aspects of living that are better today as a result of allowing myself to take the risk of being happy. You express this so well!
    I just wanted you to know that your posts really resonate in a helpful contemplative way. May we find comfort in happiness more often:)

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  2. Blogs are great for releasing and letting go, so keep thinking out loud, its really pleasing to see some light coming through for you, embrace it until it becomes your new normal. God Bless.

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