Darling, it’s been long enough, 

It’s been a long day.

Let’s meet again,

Let’s meet in wonderland.

Let’s meet as strangers and start over,

This time,

Our roles reversed.

Let’s meet again,

Fall in love again,

but I’ll be the predator,


My prey.

Let’s redo the damage,

This time,

To your heart,

Not mine.

Let’s get lost again,


In screaming darkness,

While I have the moonbeams accompany me.

Let’s fall off the edge again,

You tumbling down onto rocks below,

While I pull out my parachute

And land safely,

Miles away.

So if you have the courage,

If you can find your way,

Meet me in wonderland,

And we can twist old memories


To form new wounds.

Image credits: instagram.com/queensepia

Some truly amazing photography, do check her out guys. 🙂


22 thoughts on “Wonderland.”

        1. Yes it does, and we’re too ease loving now to put in the work it requires, we see how it is depicted on screen and wait for something like that to come along without working for it at all.

          Liked by 1 person

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