The buzz wears off too soon,
That’s the worst part,
And then
You’re on earth again,
With reality kicking you
In the face,
And no motivation
Or energy
To get up and face life,
After you’ve seen
How peaceful
Oblivion feels
So you just close your eyes
And pray you feel
That peace again
You pray,
You beg,
You plead,
To whom, with who,
No one knows,
And nothing makes sense,
And everything’s riddled
With the remains of euphoria
Taunting you,
Teasing you
Over the edge
Of insanity
And you’re left
To rot,
In the cold darkness,
Of reality.

Image taken from here.



23 thoughts on “Peaceful.”

  1. Of course the best saying on this is: This too shall pass.
    Anyways, I thought I best give my followers including you, the heads up that I am changing my url to shortly. I hope to see you there in comments. ๐Ÿ™‚ Namaste

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