A Bad Day.

A bad day

Turns into a few

And it’s a bad week

Before you realize,

Now its three bad weeks

In a row;

A bad month

Succeeded by brethren,

12 of them,

A bad year now

And you feel so helpless,

Wondering every moment,

If you’ll ever feel the sun again

Or the peace you felt

Every time the sky lit up mauve,

Sliced by lightning;

The detachment is getting

Too much to bear,

The quiet is

Too eerie now,

Oh how you long

For noise of some kind

Even if it were

Your own strangled screams.





42 thoughts on “A Bad Day.”

  1. So very true… Transformation is mere perspective … Little by little we change this and one day you wake and the first thing you feel is good
    Practice what you want to be good at and it readily reappears
    I’ve seen this happen!!

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  2. Glad to know that you out of that space now 🙂 When I first read the poem I could feel a hint of depression crawling up then a sense of relief after you explained that you are out of it. You toyed with my emotions!

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      1. You can do it! When I was in a dark place, sometimes I just looked forward to a certain TV show each night, or a meal that made me happy. But as long as you’re breathing, you have a purpose. So keep breathing.

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  3. Hi!
    Thanks for responding to my email. A very nice poem with sad start yet a beautiful end.
    The series I’ve started is ‘ a new friend ‘ which I’ve already told you about.
    Kindly check you email for further communication.
    Thanks and regards.

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