Something is Missing.

My worst fears

Are slowly unraveling


One by one,

Tearing out

My sanity

From desperate clutches,

Leaving me

With bloody hands

And torn fingernails.

It was I

Who taught you

To pick yourself up,

It was I

Who taught you

That it was okay

To fall down.

You were the perfect student;

You learnt too well.

You have picked yourself up,

And walked on

Proudly displaying your

Battle scars,

But it seems to have never crossed your mind

That while picking you up,

I lost all my strength,

Hardly able to take another step,

I called you

But your victory over your demons

Seems to have blocked your ears

And you never turned back,

Taking with you

A part of me,

What was left,

After I had lost

All the other ones

And I try to find them now

In my writings,

My dreams,

My beloved books,

But nothing seems to work,

I sit and repeat your name

For hours,

Till all meaning has been

Unhinged from

The name itself.

I sit and stare

At the brightly colored wall

For hours

Until the colors start to




Into one another,

Just like my memory,

There are blank lapses;

Something is missing.

Image taken from here.



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