Or Die Trying.

Five days
Since we’ve last talked,
And yet
I find myself strangely
Not minding the silence;
Maybe it’s because
I feel happier than I’ve felt
In a long, long time,
Happier than
I remember being?
I haven’t forgotten you, my love,
And I do miss you so terribly
That I wake up with a start in the middle of the night,
Find my heart aching,
For your presence;
My ears beg
For the sound of your voice;
My eyes ask to be graced
With your smile,
But I quiet their cries,
I turn over,
Fluff my pillow,
And try to drown out reality
With dreams again.

I’m scared, darling,
This is just the calm
Before the storm
And I wish I could bottle up
This happiness
For the rainy days to come,
I quell myself,
With talks of dreams
And how they demand sacrifice,
Try to play off losing you
As not a cruel twist of fate
But a choice instead,
When I’m fooling no one.

Oh old heart, shush!
We shall get through this together,
Or die trying.

Image taken from Tumblr.


18 thoughts on “Or Die Trying.”

  1. There is nothing we can do to keep that inevitable pain at bay, unfortunately. It’s the risk we take every time we surrender to love, if we hold onto expectations….which is only natural. Beautifully written.

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