The mud beneath my feet

And the scattered greens,

The lonely silence

Above the silent beings,

The shrieking of the wind

Echoing from within,

A little dripping drop,

Voicing a deafening ring,

Why did you leave?

Life above the ground.

Why did you go to live?

A life under this mound.

With every gush of air

That leaves my dry mouth,

I am left gasping

For breath even more

And I can hardly believe

That you’d leave me so,

But you were always unfaithful,

Loving the forest,

The seductress,

With her trees and vines

And tempting solitude,

While I pined away,

Putting all my affections

Into a box

With your name on it.

I now leave it by

The place that you rest,

In the bosom of your love,

Who shall spend eternity,

Showering your grave,

With her tears,

So you shall never be

In need of flowers,

To freshen the air

You no longer need,

While you sleep.

-A Mahnoor Saeed collaboration.

Yes I used the same image again, it seemed better suited for this one.
Also, I didn’t like that poem really. .-.



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