Snake in a Ribcage

Today been great end to  a HEC-TIC four days, full of roller coasters of all kinds, and it was even made better when I saw what this absolutely wonderful lady did! I’m in love. Thank you so much Sarah! :’) ❤

Art Expedition

Last week I´ve read one absolutely amazing piece of poetry by Moony that made my head spinning with images. So I asked her if I might draw something in relation to her beautiful poem “The Future” and luckily she said that it would be her pleasure:)

It took me quite a while as I had to check out the specific details of a ribcage…;)

So here it comes, but first her lovely poem!

The Future

I try not to think of the future too much these days,
It gets too much to bear if I do;
It wakes the serpent lodged inside,
And wraps it around my rib cage so tightly,
Weaving in and out of ribs so lovingly,
I cannot breathe,
I cannot scream,
I can only sit
With teary eyes
As the snake gnaws at my heart with its poisonous mouth,
And try to imagine what…

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