Daytime Ponderings.

They say everything we do,
Everything we say,
Is but,
An echo
Into the void,
The universe
(maybe they’re both
the same thing?)
And that it will
Come back to us one day,
But has any of us
Ever given a thought
To what if
We don’t want it back
By then?

I realize this is kind of ambiguous, so I thought I’d elaborate a bit. I mean to allude to the phenomenon (for lack of a better word) which most of us experience at least once in our lives (if I’m not wrong) that something we spent a long time chasing after comes to us of its own accord when we no longer desire it, no longer run after it.

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38 thoughts on “Daytime Ponderings.”

  1. It would be great if we had the insight to know if the things we wanted really would be wanted if we really had them. I also think it is human nature to want the things we can’t have and it makes us want them even more. If we get them we wonder why we wanted it in the first place. I think people do that a lot in relationships. If anything is too easy – no challenge – it seems to have less value.

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    1. That is really true, it reminds me of a quote by Thomas Paine I read a few years ago: “What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods-“.

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  2. Another thought – about the “echo”. Life is a series of causes and effects. Nothing happens by “accident” your life today is the effect of the causes made in the past – an echo – but also, the things we do today, our thoughts, words and actions is what will cause our future, our perhaps an echo in the making?

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    1. I definitely agree with that, after all, don’t we reap what we sow?
      But then, at times we also get into awful situations, when we haven’t really done anything to be treated by life that way, that’s the times I really wonder about.

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      1. It’s hard to explain here – but yes, we are also responsible for things we think happen “to” us. Nothing happens by accident. We draw it to us. There is a reason for everything -something to learn. There is no luck. No miracles. Just causes we don’t understand. Cause and effect doesn’t work part of time. Neither does gravity. They are absolutes. Everything in your life is your responsibility. You have to look beyond what happened to find the wisdom of why it happened or you miss the opportunity to learn from it. This is Buddhist teaching. If something good or bad happens then you should look for the reason inside your life.

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          1. Yes, but he was a human being. His name was Guatama Sidhartha – born into wealth, who left to find out why people suffered and why were some born into different life conditions – rich poor, sickly and healthy, ugly and beautiful etc. What he discovered was all life is a cycle, birth, aging, sickness and death. Then it starts over – all life. so why would the life of humans be different because we do the same thing. We don’t go through the cycle and head off to paradise? heaven and hell are conditions we live – they don’t happen after we die. Human beings need someone they think is watching over them who loves them and cares for them. but that doesn’t make it so. people in power took advantage of that. In the middle ages, since they weren’t allowed to learn to read or own books, as long as they could be kept afraid of the pit of hell they can be manipulated. Today – religion is still used to manipulate people. They think that just because they were taught that by someone then it has to be true. No it doesn’t. Always search for truth and the meaning of your life. Don’t take things at face value. Don’t think something outside yourself will give you a happy life. Only you can do that. Buddhist lesson #2. Look at my latest post on my Watch and Whirl Blog. There is a website on it. Tell me what you think.


                  1. If more people did that at least we’d be more honest with ourselves about what we believe in. I often ask people why. Most of the time they say, “That is what I was taught.” people are afraid what people will say and afraid of rejection. But that is no reason to believe something. They do the same thing with politics. They are swayed by the people around them.

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                    1. Exactly, I agree with every word of yours. Religion has pretty much turned into a way to manipulate the masses nowadays only because people are afraid to question it. Sad.
                      And sorry for the late response, I’ve been awfully busy!

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