Human Forgetfulness.

We are humans, terribly forgetful creatures with a touch of sadism.
We rarely remember.
We mostly forget.
We remember bitterly, how vulnerable love made us feel.
We forget how it was vulnerability that fueled our passion, passion that could have caused us to burn cities and drown continents in our desperation, passion that destroyed us, ate away at our insides.
We remember how shattered love made us feel after it abandoned us.
We forget how it gave us the courage to do what we’d never done before, the strength to endure till our very last breath.
We remember tears, fights, wilted roses and heartbreak.
We forget coy smiles and unstoppable laughter, sleepless nights and the thrill of having inside secrets that only made sense to us.
What we forget, we cease to understand.
And what we cannot understand, we berate mercilessly, we ridicule ruthlessly.
So, we laugh. We laugh at the Romeos and Juliets of the world, the star crossed lovers, the tragic couples, we laugh at their passion.
We call them rash, we call them impulsive.
Stupid,sentimental, desperate.
But we’ve forgotten what it was to be one of them; young and rash, impulsive and desperate.
We’ve forgotten what it meant, to throw away all caution to the wind, to not give a rat’s piss about what the world thought of us.
We’ve forgotten what it meant to be in love.

Painting by a very talented young artist and great friend,Β Waleed Ahmad.



46 thoughts on “Human Forgetfulness.”

                1. Writing is something I’ve done for quite some time, but never really realized as a talent until about an year ago. It just flows like a revelation or something.


          1. There about the night writer/ if you do not call it a problem different from a sleeper. I am brain storming; There are those hinting at sleeper awaken by a nightmare is working out his problem, but unconscious. I do believe that sleeping nightmares do not change the person well being, it is just means they are not aware, but other are more aware, they have extra
            Awareness. The writer in
            Night, like yourself, extremely gifted and telling of night of the fears, the pains, the disappointments’ that happen in the daylight. As we lay sleeping we are safe. In morning is the nightmare from so many events in our past that interrupted our sleep.

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          2. at night you fears and pain are safe inside what you write. Your writer is beautiful because you have the ability to express the nightmares from the day. But you have done that, now you can start thing about how you can find a space the day. That give you the security of night. But, you can still write in daylight one moment at a time, the morning is happy to see you.

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            1. I’m not sure I understand what you mean to say about finding a space in the day, although I do agree to the nightmare part. Most people experience nightmares as they sleep, but some do it while they’re awake.


              1. What I mean is nightmares in day are more painful experience when you have not slept well; sleeping at night and letting you conscious work it through, then in morning your body is more at rest to deal with the day night nightmares.
                A space means to set a bed time.
                Ex. 10:00 and set a space to let go of your thoughts(meditation tape.) at 9:00. If you work out-do it early in the day. A space in the day, to rest your mind.

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      1. That is a gray on the question of being a pervert. Most of the teens girls dated guys 2 to 3 years older; it cheapens the law-that meant to protect real criminals. Poor kid!

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        1. Yes it is – and it is a label he will have to carry and people will judge him for it not knowing the circumstances. There are people who want them to have to put a placard in their yards to identify them. We can look on line to see if we have anyone living near us. They are excluded from certain jobs. If someone wasn’t convicted of being a pediphile or sex traficking then we don’t need to ostracize them. Even those convicted of rape should be able to pay their dues – just like any other crime. They shouldn’t have to pay for it every day of their lives after they do their sentence.

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  1. That’s the thing about Humans, we tend to be selfish. We think that we can get away with alot of things. It is usually the nights when we can’t fall asleep is when we tend to reflect about our lives. 😊

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    1. Hi Devika!
      I’m Moony, 17, under extreme amounts of stress due to high school (last year though), and as you might’ve guessed from the blog name, insomniac.
      Oh, and obsessed with a certain out-of-this-world cutie to the point of making him my muse. πŸ™‚


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