An Ongoing Roller-coaster.

Little do you know
How I adore you
Until you turn cold
And all my affections,
Drowned in melancholy
Until you talk to me again,
And I’m a pathetic babbling fool;
Love struck,
With my awful jokes
And unbearable puns,
Unable to gain control
Over these pesky emotions.

And little do you know
How absolutely I despise you,
Until you talk to me again,
And all the loathing,
Washed away with euphoria
Until the next time you’re cold,
And I’m a pathetic babbling fool,
Crying my eyes out;
Hating myself,
For not being stronger,
Despising you,
For being your cold self.

And then I am
All run out of steam,
All at once,
All you are
Is but, a muse
And I, a writer,
On a mission;
To show the world
What I see.

An ongoing roller coaster,
A never-ending ride,
Of high and lows
And repeating loops.
I, for one,
Never had much patience
With either,
So I wonder how long
Before I decide
To end this ride
Before I can
Take no more.


30 thoughts on “An Ongoing Roller-coaster.”

  1. If it’s personal. Hope you get out of it. All of your writings have something that speaks of troubled life. They all are written beautifully (I read two) and you express quite nicely. Well done and happy blogging. πŸ™‚

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  2. I love this poem, I think you have been reading my mind, except I have finally stopped the ride after finding out that the one turning it on and off was not who I though he was… I am sad but feeling freer than I have in a long time. just wish it didn’t have to be this way. But regardless of my issues, it is a wonderful poem and really says it all… thank you and i look forward to reading much more of your work! Michelle

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