A Nice Thought.

You talk of running away, the two of us.


It’s not that easy, my darling, but it is a nice thought to dream about on nights when I cannot sleep, when I am kept up by the incessant bickering of voices in my head, each getting louder by the minute to make itself heard, when my heart tattoos a cacophony onto my ribs, trying to break free, but it is only crushed under all the weight it carries instead; it is a nice thought to hang onto for solace when my demons decide to rise again. 

Image taken from here.



6 thoughts on “A Nice Thought.”

  1. Hiya Moony … thanks for following my blog. 🙂

    … I don’t know if anyone’s mentioned it but although the lightning storm looks really cool for a few seconds, it’s like trying to read in front of a strobe light.
    Take care

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