Something Out of A Dream.

Today was something out of a dream, out of a fairy tale, when as I stared out over the edge of the roof, you appeared out of nowhere by my side and startled me.
You had that look in your eyes again, the one that turns my legs to jelly and my brain into a mush of cells and it made me hold onto the wall in an effort to keep myself standing, you looked at me as if I were a code you couldn’t decipher, a puzzle you couldn’t understand, today you looked at me the way I look at you, and you asked me if I planned to jump off the roof with the way I stood, but it wasn’t a joke, you were serious and so was I when I replied I’d been thinking about it, and maybe I’d have laughed it off or answered differently if I’d been able to think, but in that moment, if you’d noticed, I’d even stopped breathing.

Image taken from here.



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