Fatal Ambedo.

I don’t know what to do and it’s killing me,

I’m stuck in this ambedo,

But it’s too late,

The blade has slashed too deep this time

And I can only watch

As the liquid of life

Seeps out in rivulets,

Turning the white floor

A vivid scarlet.

I cannot move,

Or maybe I don’t want to;

Vision spotty,

Breathing a Herculean task now,

Arms wide open,

Welcoming sweet oblivion.

Door slams to my left,

Bursting in,

You run to me,

I smile in contentment,

Laughter bubbles out,

As you try to stop

My blood from spilling over,

But it’s too late for me now,

As the darkness engulfs me,

After a long, long time,

I am home.




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