Strange Days.

The year is drawing to an end, and its been a strange few days with strange happenings, like when the flowers by my bedside refused to wither even after a week since they’d been picked, or when I almost cut my finger off, but didn’t feel a thing.

The year is drawing to an end, and I’m running out of reasons to keep breathing, really.


39 thoughts on “Strange Days.”

  1. You need to keep writing which will help you keep breathing. Believe me, I know. You have much to offer the world – and I promise, even in the darkest of times – it does get better and it will be worth it to hold on.

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  2. I have had some reasons in my life that would have caused many people to give up. I wanted to a few times. Today, I am so glad I didn’t. May you be able to find beauty in every day. Also, your writing is excellent.

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          1. I was thinking about starting an instagram for the blog, but seem to have too much to do to allow following up on that idea xD
            I’ll send you a message on fb though. :p


    1. I wonder if what you’re talking about is somehow related to the detachment we feel at certain times, such as during extreme sadness? I’d love to know.
      Thank you for commenting. 🙂


      1. I’m not entirely sure. I have always felt a twinness within me. There is the twin on the surface and then the twin deep within a kind of watcher or presence that supports us and gives us energy and life, but at times that presence disappears and the weight of the world becomes too much, perhaps on some level we are conscious of all we have suffered and the weight of it feels like an extinction of the most essential part of us and we feel we cant go on. Then my experience is that when I bear with thjs weight and feel it fully it then can dissolve and the watcher returns, it has born witness and give us the strength to go on. I don’t know if this makes sense to you. I can really identify with what you shared of finding it hard to breath at times and feeling you cant go on.

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        1. It makes sense to me, what you’ve written. I think it’s a case of same thing, but from different perspectives? What you call the watcher emerging is my detached-ness.
          It was certainly interesting to read your pov. 🙂

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