You always made

 All the blue go away

But now you’re gone

And everything is grey.

I hope you come back

I hope you come back soon.

Because nights are too dark

Without the moon.

I need you here.

I know I’ll be alright without you, and regardless of all that, I don’t want to be without you. You’re a part of me now, and if I’ve come off as too overbearing, I just want you to know that 10, 15, 20 years from now, I’ll have a lot of regrets on my deathbed. I don’t want you to be one of them.

So I’ll give you your time, and adore you from afar, like the sun does, the moon.

But I’ll never stop hoping for you to come back.

Because that is my curse.


46 thoughts on “Cursed.”

  1. Let the sun’s light
    make you the moon more beautiful
    creating that silver sheen
    I adore so much.

    Regrets are only after you found it was a mistake. But did you not make the right or best choice that very minute?
    My curse to know I made mistakes and not regret a single choice.

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    1. I made a choice, that’s all I know,
      I followed my heart,
      No buts, no ifs,
      And now I know the heart is on the left for a reason,
      It isn’t always right,
      But its too late
      And this heart of mine,
      Is mine no more. 🙂

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  2. sweetheart

    most of the time, they never come back, no longer how much you wait.

    I had the same thoughts 40 years ago, and I am still waiting.

    sometimes, it seems right, but God knows better..

    that person may not be right for you, and will pull you down.

    He has something better for you

    but it is ok to keep an open door, in case they come back.

    but go on with your life as if they will not…..come back.

    god has something special for you waiting, do not abandon it.

    I wrote these poems long ago…when my heart was broken….it took decades to heal, because I kept waiting, instead of going on….waiting did me no good… remember life is more than one relationship….there is lots of love waiting for you if you open other doors

    One person does not define who you are and what you should be

    God does this

    Let him heal your heart

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  3. Lovely writing. Know that no matter how much we think we are imperfect, the truth is we are perfect, and what happens in our lives leads us to the next step that often is misunderstood. Without today we can have no tomorrow. Without today’s experiences, we would not be ready for tomorrow’s challenges, lessons, joys, tears.
    Thank you for following my blog…I look forward to reading more of your posts.

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    1. Haha, my god! That is certainly not what I intended when I put them in bold, they’re just supposed to have a greater emphasis on them, but you’re welcome to read them in whatever way! 🙂


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