Wrong Perception.

Tears on my pillow,

Blood on the floor,

And then he says,

He loves me more.

A weird sense of love,

Does my darling maintain,

All I wanted was his heart,

All I got were tear stains.

My love has a habit

Of in a single breath,

Saying that he loves me

And burning me down to death.

A unique bond we have

He and I

One couldn’t be more careless with words,

The other ready to die.

Why does he disappear

Every other night,

When the steel kisses my wrists

And I can’t see the light?

In the mornings he returns,

And vanish away my fears,

He has different scents around him,

I’m too drunk to care.

All I feel is relief;

Now you see kid?

It is dangerous to fall in love,

It is too harmful a bid.

Do not believe in what

The fairy tales say,

Love isn’t happiness and smiles,

It is darkness and grey.


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